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Roll of Honour 1914-1919 (Army)

Taggart - Traill

* is brother of.

Taggart Edward W. 201837. Pte. 1st. Gordon Hldrs. 76th Bde, 3rd Div. Born Thrumster. Enlisted Aberdeen. Killed in action 16/06/17 Arras Front.

Tait Wm G. Pte. 7th (1st British Columbia Rgt) Canadians. 2nd Can Bde, 1st Can Div. Born Watten. Home British Columbia. Enlisted Canada 14. Killed in action 12/12/15 Ploegsteert Sector. Parents; Wm, Gersa, Watten.

Taylor Alex Steven Bain *. (No number). 2/ Lt. 5th (Sutherland & Caithness Hld) Seaforth Highlanders. TF. 152nd Bde, 51st (Highland) Div. Cenotaph Halkirk. Killed in action 23/07/18 22 yrs. Tardenois, Marne. Parents; Geo & Jessie. Gerston / Church St, Halkirk.

Taylor David. G/69133. Pte. 1st Royal West Surrrey Rgt. 19th Bde, 33rd Div. Born Thurso. Enlisted & home Glasgow. Killed in action 23/10/18. Selle. Parents; Thurso. Formerly 376128 8th London Rgt (Post Office Rifles).

Taylor Don. 9357. Pte. 1st Seaforth Hldrs. 19th Ind Bde, 7th (Meerut) Div. Born, Home Thurso. Enlisted Fort George. Died of wounds 22/02/16 1st Hanna, Mesopotamia. Parents; Todholes, Thurso.

Taylor John M. 1845. Pte. 4th (Queen's Edinburgh Rifles) Royal Scots. TF. 156th Bde, 52nd (Lowland) Div. Born Olrig. Home Castletown. Enlisted Edinburgh. Killed in action 28/06/15 Gully Ravine, Gallipoli. Parents; Robert & Elizabeth. Olrig.

Taylor Stanley Gordon. (No number). Lt. 38th Bde, Royal Field Artillery. 6th Div. Killed in action 21/10/16. 20 yrs. Transloy Ridge, Somme. Grandparents; John & Ann. Latheron.

Taylor Wm. S/10818. L/Cpl. 2nd Seaforth Hldrs. 10th Bde, 4th Div. Born Latheron. Enlisted Wick. Cenotaph Lybster. Killed in action 31/08/18. 22 yrs. Scarpe, 2nd Arras. Parents; Roadside, Forse, Lybster.

Taylor Wm. 241060. Cpl. 5th (Sutherland & Caithness Hld) Seaforth Hldrs. TF. 152nd Bde, 51st (Highland) Div. Born Buxton. Enlisted Edinburgh. Cenotaph Latheron. Killed in action 09/04/17 1st Scarpe, Arras. Parents; Swiney, Lybster.

Taylor Wm John *. (No number). Capt. 8th (Service) Seaforth Highlanders. 44th Bde, 15th (Scottish) Div. Home Halkirk. Died 01/08/17 from pneumonia at home. Parents; Geo & Jessie. Gerston / Church St, Halkirk. Buried at Halkirk.

Thompson James Sutherland. 9/400. Tpr. Otago Mdt Rifles.Mtd Troops, NZ & Aust Div. Born Berriedale. Home New Zealand. Enlisted NZ 14. Killed in action 06/08/15 Sari Bair, Gallipoli. Parents; James, Berriedale.

Thomson Wm. 30062. Pte. Royal Defence Corps. Born, Home, Enlisted Wick. Died, drowned in Wick harbour 31/10/18. Parents; Wick. Wife; 43 Louisburgh St, Wick.

Traill James W *. (No number). Maj. 4th Cheshire Rgt. TF. 159th Bde, 53rd (Welsh) Div. Born Castletown. Home Bristol. Cenotaph Olrig. Died at home from pneumonia 03/01/17. Parents; James, Hobister & Ratter.

Traill John Murray *. (No number). Maj. 2nd Bedford Rgt. 21st Bde, 7th Div. Born Castletown. Home Ratter. Cenotaph Olrig. Killed in action 30/10/14 Gheluvet, Ypres. Parents; James, Hobister & Ratter.

Traill Richard R. (No number). Rev. Chaplin Force. Parents; Olrig.

Traill Sinclair Geo *. (No number). Capt. 1st Queens Own Cameron Hldrs. 1st Bde, 1st Div. Cenotaph Olrig. Killed in railway accident France 24/11/16. Parents; Castlehill House, Castletown.


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