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Caithness Roll of Honour 1914-1919(Army)
Adamson - Auld 7kb
Baikie - Burrell 24kb
Cairnie - Cunningham 29kb
Dallas - Durrand 14kb
Eddie - Ewan 4kb
Falconer - Fraser 8kb
Gair - Gunn 15kb
Hardy - Hunter 13kb
Inkster - Inrig 3kb
Jack - Joyce 5kb
Keith - Kinnear 4kb
Lamack - Lyall 6kb
Mc - Mac 40kb
Malcolm - Murray 33kb
Napier - Noble 4kb
Oag - Omand 5kb
Paterson - Purves 6kb
Rankine - Russell 12kb
Sandison - Swanson 44kb
Taggart - Traill 6kb
Wares - Wylie 7kb
Young - Younger 4kb


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David Bews 1998

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